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d junk removal Raleigh nc

Serving Raleigh, NC And The Surrounding Areas

d junk removal Raleigh nc

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d junk removal Raleigh nc

Serving Raleigh, NC
And The Surrounding Areas

Junk Removal Raleigh - Locally Owned, Professional Service

Do you need junk removal services in Raleigh? Are you looking to clean out junk in your house but don’t know who to call? Maybe you have it all figured out but are reluctant to call a junk removal service because you are unsure if they will remove all your junk.

Well, whatever the case may be, we are here to tell you about all the services that our junk removal company in Raleigh offers. We take away almost all types of junk. So, there is a high chance that you will probably find a service that you are looking for. You may even come across a service that you didn’t think we would have.

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A Few Junk Removal Services Offered in Raleigh

When we say, “junk removal”, we don’t just mean trash. Let us walk you through a variety of services we have available for you.

Furniture Removal Raleigh

One of the most common junk removal services is furniture removal. Almost anyone looking to get rid of junk would have an old piece of furniture lying around that is no longer needed. Our junk removal service can quickly and safely take this off your hands so that you can make space for other new stuff or simply give yourself some room to breathe. We usually take away sofas, tables, mattresses, wardrobes, and other similar items.

We make furniture removal hassle-free. Just point at the furniture you want removed and our crew will do the rest. You also don’t need to worry about any mess as our crew will even clean up the area once all the junk is removed.

Mattress Removal Raleigh

Amongst all the old furniture in your house, the mattress is quite possibly the most troublesome to remove. Trying to dispose of it on your own could become a nightmare, mainly because of the complications involved. You can’t just throw it out in the garbage since your local garbage disposal service will refuse to pick it up. Your old mattress would then just sit there for days or even weeks and become an eyesore for the whole neighbourhood. Leave it in that state any longer and it may just become some stray’s home. We think it would be best if you avoid causing any more visual pollution and just leave it all to us. Our experienced crew uses proper channels to dispose of your old mattresses and handles the whole process from start to end.

Appliance Removal Raleigh

With the rapid change in technology, old appliances are becoming junk faster than ever before. People are quickly switching to newer appliances. A prime example is television. Most people nowadays own a flat screen LED TV. Since hoarding is very common, it is very likely that the same people would have old LCDs or even CRTs sitting somewhere deep in their basement, collecting dust. If you are in the same boat, you might be looking to get rid of such appliances. This also comes with its fair share of challenges. The biggest problem isn’t loading these appliances up in your car and hauling them away, it is how to dispose of them. Since plastic does not decompose that easily, landfills aren’t good options. Our crew uses sustainable methods to dispose of your old appliance with minimal effects to the environment.

Grill Removal Raleigh

There is no better feeling than to cook in the great outdoors, especially when you are using a brand-new grill. But to make room for the new grill, you must first get rid of the old one. There are two ways you can do that. You can either do it on your own or you can delegate the task to us.

In doing it on your own, you need to overcome certain hurdles. Your firstly need to consult with your local metal scrap centres to see if they would take your old grill. If these centres do accept taking in your old grill, they will need it to be disassembled before being handed in. So, your next obstacle would be the disassembly, which may take up a lot of your time if you haven’t done it before.

You can completely overcome all this trouble by handing the task to us. Our team will come directly to your house and take away your old grill. They will also clean up any grease left behind by the grill and leave your space looking spotless. Rest assured, we prioritise disposing of your old grill in an eco-friendly manner, wherever possible.

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Bulk Trash Removal Raleigh

Bulk trash removal is an issue that you may face with your local garbage collection service. Often, they may decline picking up certain bulk trash or materials. If you are unaware of this, you may find your bulk trash sitting outside your house for days, creating an ugly sight not just for you but the entire neighbourhood.

If that seems to be the case, why not opt for our valet garbage collection service that includes bulk trash removal as well. Our service handles bulk trash of all shapes and sizes and we do not differentiate.

How Junk Removal Works in Raleigh

If you have decided to go along with a junk removal service but still don’t know how it works, let us give you an overview. We provide a junk removal service that operates locally in Raleigh, NC, and assists its clients with their junk removal requests.

Up Front Pricing

We offer up front pricing. Simply call us to get a quote and based on your requirements, our team will inform you of all the charges involved. Worry not as there are no hidden fees.


You can book appointments for same day service and next day service. If booking for the same day, it would be a good idea to make an appointment in the early hours of the day to give us enough time to make the necessary arrangements.


We offer our services to a range of customers. These mostly include homeowners, lenders, real estate companies, property management and business owners. For homeowners, we offer a complete junk removal solution, top to bottom, beginning with your garage to complete estate cleanouts. For businesses, we offer hauling services for commercial junk and cleanouts of entire stores and offices.

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Need Professional Junk Removal Services in Raleigh?

Here at D-Junk Removal Service, we appreciate the business provided by those residing in Raleigh NC and look forward for the new clients to come. If you are interested in receiving junk removal services, please contact us at: (919)200-6121

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